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Bot Hosting - Terms of Service
1) Bots hosted are required to follow the dAmn Rules on deviantART. You as the bot's owner are responsible for what the bot does.

1b) We do not support nor host bots that operate outside of dAmn. This includes bots that gives deviantART points and/or post comments to profile(s).

2) We have the right to terminate or suspend any bot at any time for any or no reason.

3) We have the right to refuse and/or refund any order.

4) Refunds are issued and only issued entirely at our discretion.

5) No refunds for payments paid with bitcoins or deviantART points.

6) No refunds if you or your bot(s) get banned from deviantART or dAmn.

7) No chargebacks for any payments. Chargebacks will result in permanent ban on this service and all your bots hosted on this service terminated.

8) There is no guarantee of uptime due to the many factors outside our control, including but not limited to deviantART and dAmn.

9) Bots hosted by DeathShadow--666 are required to join both #DataShare and #DSHost.
- Note: You do not have to enter these chatrooms in list of rooms you want the bot to join, the bot joins these rooms automatically.

10) We have the right to change this Terms of Service at any time without notice.

Failure to follow the Terms of Service will result in your bot(s) terminated without any refunds.

(To dA Staff: If any of the bots hosted by this service breaks any of the deviantART rules, please notify DeathShadow--666 to have their bot hosting service terminated. Thanks)

Last updated: March 04, 2015